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     Tallow sculptures represent a classic culinary art that dates back almost 300 years. (see history of tallow). Culinart, Inc. founded by Chef Dominic Palazzolo in 1984, specializes in providing finished tallow sculptures, bulk tallow for any tallow carving project, and tallow sculpting supplies including tallow sculpting tools, carvable styrofoam blocks, and food safe, silicone mold making materials (silicone PlastiqueTM). Innovative tallow advancements are a hallmark of Culinart, Inc. such as: Chocolate Tallow for those interested in making chocolate sculptures and chocolate carvings, Cheddar Tallow for those interested in making cheese sculptures and cheese carvings and Butter Tallow for those interested in making butter sculptures and butter carvings. This web site is devoted to the art of tallow sculpting, a culinary art form unsurpassed in providing culinary centerpieces and showpieces that lend a dramatic elegance to any food display whether it appear on buffet tables, dessert carts or in culinary competitions.

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