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A Little Tallow History

Did you know chefs have been sculpting tallow for over 300 years? Back in the early days of the 17th century, chefs would sculpt butter into provocative shapes for the visual enjoyment of their patrons. Imagine the difficulty of this task without the convenience of refrigeration! In an effort to make life easier, the chefs of Europe began to combine butter with animal fats and later, with wax, to create a stabilized, creamy sculpting medium that was easier to work with and had a much greater shelf life. Because patrons reacted just as enthusiastically to these "faux" butter sculptures, chefs all over the world embraced this new medium and called it "tallow", referring to the animal fat used in its production.

Culinart, Inc. has taken this time honored art form and while adhering to traditional, old world formulas, improved upon it by incorporating non-yellowing, food grade waxes and only purified beef fat to create tallow that has a perfect consistency and an indefinite shelf life at room temperature.

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